Universal Labeler

Unit bears S/N SL1000-124SLC. It is a left handed unit, with product moving from the right to the left. Product is carried on conveyor featuring two parallel sticky bands that are 1 1/8\" wide and set 5.25\" apart which move the product. There are both top and bottom label setting brushes which are 4\" wide. The machine features electric eyes for product flow control. The labeler head is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Additionally the side rails of the conveyor are each adjustable a maximum of 6\". Controls for: \"On\" Delay, \"Off\" Delay, Applier, Wipe, Conveyor and Speed. Unit sits on four casters. OD = 75\"l X 36\"w X 73\"H. Unit was powered up, without labels, and all controls and electric eyes functioned.